Resident songstress CherryFox

I don’t always write up reviews for compilations shows, but this year we went to see Itsy’s Kabarett at the Voodoo Rooms (on the Free Fringe) no fewer than three times.  On each occasion the lineup was different, and excellent fun.  I would highly recommend it!Sat 11th Aug at 7:15 was our first visit.  Three of the acts were so good we went to see their full shows: Creative Martyrs (5*), The Mechanisms (4*)and Fat Kitten Improv (3*).  Juggler Florian Brooks was also outstanding (we would have seen his full show if time permitted).  Other acts included JollyBoat (jolly), Impressive Johnson (who wasn’t) and resident songstress CherryFox.

Thursday 23rd at 7:15  was our second visit.  The highlights for me this time was Lega Malone, but Candy Poison was also excellent (both burlesque).  The Great Aziz did some fairly spectacular magic and Magenta Lust (burlesque), Jayde Adams (musical comedy) and of course CherryFoxcompleted the line-up.

On Friday 24th we gave the midnight show a go.  It was hosted by Myra DuBois and Miss Annabel Sings – both of whom were amusingly tipsy at the start and “fall off the stage” drunk by the end!  The whole thing was getting a little de-mob happy.  Highlights were Wil Hodgson (very funny comedian – would have seen his show if time permitted) and Magenta Lust who did a different piece of her act that was much more my thing.  I may be just slightly in love with her now…  Anyway, the Creative Martyrs were back as well and I never get tired of them.  Jayde Adams was back, and Jospephine Shaker gave us some belly dancing.  Abigoliah was very funny, although a hint of (wine induced) fringe fatigue was apparent…  CherryFox also did a different act from the last times we saw her, one I preferred.

Overall the standard at Kabarett was very high and it was a good atmosphere every time we went.  We will definitely be back next year – and in fact we’ll be looking out to see if Dee Itsy runs events outside of the festival too!


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