Idiots of Ants ANThology (4.5*)

Ruth’s Review

I have been following Idiots of Ants for a number of years now and I was sad they were not doing a full Fringe run this time.  Just a few night with a ‘best of’ show.  As ever it was excellent, Idiots of Ants are such a slick act.  Very funny.  Easily the best sketch act I have seen.  Shame it wasn’t new material but was glad to see the wii fencing sketch again (and sorry they didn’t include the swingers party).

Ian’s Review

I agree with Ruth completely – I love IoA and it was great to see some material I haven’t seen for a couple of years (I saw last year’s show twice).  They continue to go from strenght to strength.  I only hope they will be back next year for a full run with a new show!

One thought on “Idiots of Ants ANThology (4.5*)

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