Fat Kitten vs. the world (3*)

Ruth’s Review

Fat Kitten must have the best name in improv.  I love kittens.  In this show, Fat Kitten are up against another improv troop in a ‘who does the best improv?’ competition.  Fat kitten won, although on this occasion I preferred the other lot.  An amusing hour, not the best I’ve ever seen but fine.

Ian’s Review

The idea of a resident improv team competing with a visiting team seemes appealing, but in reality I think it mean that neither team ever really got into their stride, and they were both playing games they didn’t know well enough to be really slick at a good chunk of the time.  It was good fun, and there were clearly a lot of fans of both teams in the house as there was a fair bit of banter.  A good laugh, but there I’ve seen much better improv this year, most notably from The Noise Next Door.

2 thoughts on “Fat Kitten vs. the world (3*)

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