33 Shows Later – Ian’s Fringe Roundup…

Wow, nearly four weeks and 33 shows later, the Fringe is drawing to a close.  My favourite show was East End Cabaret: Notoriously Kinky but we saw so much great stuff that the next tier is very hard to call.  The full list is below, and everything 4* and above is in bold as it was all excellent.  I’ve also listed my picks for 2013.  This is my note to myself for what I should be trying to book on previews at half price!

Ian’s Fringe Shows 2012

  1. Pat Burtscher’s Patopotamoose (1.5*)
  2. Hannibal Buress: Still Saying Stuff (3*)
  3. The Noise Next Door: Bring The Noise (4*)
  4. Nina Conti: Dolly Mixtures (4*)
  5. Anthony Rapp – Without You (2.5*)
  6. Late’n’Live Fri 3rd Aug – A DANGEROUS SHAMBLES
  7. Pleasance Press Launch
  8. Gemma Arrowsmith: Defender of the Earth (4*)
  9. The Picture House (2.5*)
  10. DeAnne Smith: Livin’ The Sweet Life (4.5*)
  11. Best of the Fest (Sat 4th Aug)
  12. Wit Tank (3.5*)
  13. Richard Herring: Talking C*ck (4.5*)
  14. The Complex: Electra (3.5* / 3*)
  15. Kabarett
  16. Lady Rizo (4.5*) (winner of the TO&ST Cabaret Award)
  17. Simon Callow: The Lightening Conductor (4*)
  18. Bristol Revunion: Miles of Smiles (2*)
  19. Steve Gribbin: Viva Gribbostania! (4*)
  20. Creative Martyrs: An Hour Long Sinister Wink (4.5*) (nominated for TO&ST Cabaret Award)
  21. Ro Campbell: Midnight Meltdown (3.5* / 4*)
  22. The Mechanisms: Once Upon A Time (in space) (4*)
  23. 50 Shades: The Musical (4* / 3.5*)
  24. Kabarett
  25. Pick of the Fringe @ The Beehive (fairly funny standup)
  26. Ro Campbell’s Freakin Awesome Pick Of The Fringe (pretty good standup compilation)
  27. East End Cabaret: Notoriously Kinky (5*)  (nominated for TO&ST Cabaret Award)
  28. The Magic Faraway Cabaret (quite good)
  29. Kabarett
  30. Fat Kitten Improv vs. The RH Experience (3*)
  31. The Mysterious World Of Clovis Van Darkhelm
  32. FaceHunters (4*)
  33. Idiots of Ants: Anthology (4.5*)

Ian’s Picks for 2013

These following artists/groups I saw the full show this year and definitely want to see them again:

There are also some where we didn’t see a full show but saw them as part of a compilation, and want to see the full show next year:

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