Speed of Light – The Cheapskate Approach

Ian’s Review

I have no idea how good (or otherwise) Speed of Light is if you pay to get a ticket for the proper tour, but I wandered up to have a wee look without going into the paid area.  This was thanks to a tip from a friend who appeared in it, who suggested the view from the small craig just to the south-west of the ruined chapel would be pretty good.  Given a good evening, it seemed worth a shot, so off I set with my camera, a tripod and a good torch.

It was quite interesting to see the shapes formed by the runners on the hillside, and probably worth the effort of walking up to a good vantage point if you get a good evening for it.  It didn’t inspire me to pay to join one of the organised viewings, I have to admit, but maybe if I’d been on one of those I’d have loved it.  I just don’t know.

Mostly I enjoyed the quiet on the hillside, with occasional strains of bagpipes drifting over from the Tattoo and a wonderful view of Edinburgh by night.

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