50 Shades: The Musical (4* / 3.5*)

Ruth’s Review

Ah 50 Shades.  Yes, I’ve read it.  And the sequels.  Unlike many of the people in the queue so I have no idea what they made of it.  This was a one-off performance which was a rehearsed musical performed by a bunch of people who usual do improv musicals.  It was funny and cringey and very well received by the audience.  The singing was good, the costumes were silly, the dancing was fine, and the cast really threw themselves into it.  Content-wise, the books have so much to parody that there was plenty of material there for them to work with.  They did a decent job, and there was some intelligent stuff in there about the power dynamic in the Ana/Christian relationship and some amusing bits that were embellished for comic effect.  Loved the song where Christian explained how he likes to be when he is in bed with someone.  However it did seem remiss that they failed to mention Ana’s inner goddess or the apex of her thighs.  Instead they put a lot of emphasis on her… er… bottom… which those who have read the books will know is barely mentioned, along with a particular act which might relate to that area which is certainly not undertaken in the series and is probably mentioned once in the context of hard limits.  Anyway, I laughed a lot and I could have watched it for longer so overall it was pretty good.

Ian’s Review

I mostly agree with Ruth, although I’m scoring it just slightly lower.  For me, too much of the humour was in the “knob gag” or “George W Bush” category – just really lazy and not especially based on the books.  That said, the performance was competent and there were a few good laughs in there!

One thought on “50 Shades: The Musical (4* / 3.5*)

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