The Mechanisms: Once Upon A Time (in space) (4*)

Ruth’s Review (4*)

I watched this, I loved it so much, but I have no idea what it was supposed to be about.  Some sort of space pirate musical act thing.  Loads of guy-liner and sea shanties about fairytales and fighting in space.  But daaaaark.  A bit confusing.  But who cares?  The main guy was outstanding – what a voice, tremendous charisma and stage presence.  Hot hot hot.  It would be unfair to the others to say he carried the thing, but he was a cut above.

Ian’s Review (4*)

Another act we saw a brief snippet of at Kabarett, and rather enjoyed.  The Mechanisms are SteamPunk style space-pirates, and the show is a narration of a future epic war populated with characters with fairy-tale type names.  The music is folky and performed with passion and skill, and the energy of the front-man is irresistable.  I still have some of the songs in my head now too.

The band members all have a great look – it is very impressive.

Another great example of what is available on the Free Fringe this year.


4 thoughts on “The Mechanisms: Once Upon A Time (in space) (4*)

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