Steve Gribbin: Viva Gribbostania! (4*)

Ian’s Review

A random selection in a small room in a basement – my favourite sort of Fringe show.  The show has a thread running through it based on the idea that Steve Gribbin is establishing his own nation, Gribbostania.  This provides a loose framework on which to hang some a collection of observations about society, coupled with a few funny songs (most quite brief).

Steve is a really likeably guy and seems very comfortable in the spotlight, which makes the show easy to enjoy.  I found it funny throughout, with a few highlights that had tears running down my face.  Really good, solid stand-up, an easy 4*.

Ruth’s Review

I wasn’t sure what I was going to make of this guy with his slightly contrived stand-up set about founding his own independent country performed in a random back room off Queen Street, but actually it was excellent. I quickly became very fond of Steve, and his snappy parody songs. The humour was sharp and intelligent, and often threw a curveball going to places I did not expect. His singing was plenty good enough that it added to the act rather than detracted (and believe me that is not always the case). Really enjoyed the show, lots of laughing out loud, and I think Steve has the potential to be outstanding.

One thought on “Steve Gribbin: Viva Gribbostania! (4*)

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