Ro Campbell: Midnight Meltdown (3.5* / 4*)

Ian’s 4* Review…

Another random ticket purchase, another small room with some empty seats, but this time a late night show – which can be difficult to pull off.  Fortunately, the minute Ro walked on stage his easy style engaged the audience and got us laughing.  Originally from Australia, Ro has spent enough time in Scotland to have some really sharp observations on our culture (and lack of it).  With a small audience he was able to chat with us quite a bit, and his spur-of-the-moment humour was every bit as sharp as his prepared material – actually I have no idea where the boundary lay because it all felt very natural.

Another fringe gem that deserves a full house – great standup, highly recommended. 

Ruth’s 3.5* review

Ro did a straightforward stand-up act blending prepared material and audience interaction in a solid consistently amusing set. His humour was close to the line on some occasions, which is how I like it. Edgy enough to be funny, but he didn’t go too far. Ro is Australian but he first came to Scotland in summer 1998 (as did I!) and he has pretty much stayed. As such, he has a unique and extremely well observed take on Scottish culture and customs which went down very well with the locals amongst the audience.

One thought on “Ro Campbell: Midnight Meltdown (3.5* / 4*)

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