Creative Martyrs: An Hour Long Sinister Wink (4.5* / 5*)

Ian’s 4* Review

We saw these guys at Kabarett the other day, and returned to see their full show.  We were not disappointed!

The Creative Martyrs have really strong stage presence, a slightly creepy sense of menace combined with a bizarre innocent playfulness.  Their songs look at some of the more sinister sides of society (yes, the clue is in the name) and are really well observed and lyrically clever.  The songs were interspersed with well-judged audience interation that was hilarious and avoided victimising anyone (too much).

A really accomplished performance, I’m very tempted to come back and see them again.  4.5*.  Brilliant.  Go and see it!

I’ve seen some dreadful stuff on the Free Fringe in the past, but acts like Gemma Arrowsmith and the Creative Martyrs are proof to me that Free Fringe now has every bit as much talent to be found as the main Fringe festival – it’s just a different business model, not a different standard.

Ruth’s 5* review

I tried to explain this show to someone, and I had no idea what to say or what it is. Cabaret, I guess. A kind of Berlin-style semi-parody duet with singing and instruments perhaps. Well whatever it was, I loved every single thing about it. The music was great, the harmonies tight, and the content very witty. The audience interaction showed excellent comic timing and was very well judged. And dark, too. Very dark stuff. Very very good, my second five star act.


5 thoughts on “Creative Martyrs: An Hour Long Sinister Wink (4.5* / 5*)

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