The Complex: Electra (3.5* / 3*)

Ian’s 3.5* review…

A compelling and enjoyable short play based on the classic story of Electra.  I really enjoyed this, it was well acted, but perhaps a little brief and abruptly ended.  Electra was a worthy star, but those playing the parents in the play didn’t quite have the presence (or costume) to be convincingly of an older generation.  Perhaps vantiy got slightly in the was of realism there.

This is part of a pair of plays, the other being “The Complex: Oedipus”.  I’m quite tempted to go and see that too (if I can get a good deal on tickets) but I’m not sure how much of that is enthusiasm and how much is curiosity.

Ruth’s 3* review…

This was a play based on the Electra complex. A decent performance from Electra, who came across as gauche and a bit confused which made the whole thing feel extremely awkward (but in a good way). Electra’s brother was also good, very creepy. I liked it enough, but I was disappointed that it only lasted about 40 mins.

One thought on “The Complex: Electra (3.5* / 3*)

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