Appointment with the Wicker Man (4.5*)

This is a National Theatre of Scotland production, which is always a good sign and I like to see their stuff. More excitingly (for me) one of the actors is Sean Biggerstaff who the observant Harry Potter fans amongst you will know played Oliver Wood in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. He’s a grown up man now (and not a famous Quiddich player as they would have us believe).

The play is about an am dram group in a remote area of Scotland who are putting on a production of The Wicker Man. It is a slightly ‘different’ approach, more of a creative interpretation with jazz hands and sweeties rather than the creepy style we might expect. One of the key cast members becomes mysteriously indisposed at the last minute, and a professional actor from Glasgow (Oliver Wood Sean Biggerstaff) steps in. All sorts of twists ensue.

Now it is quite hard to judge the quality of the acting as they are acting like poor actors, however I was very much enthralled by the thing and laughed a lot.

I’m sorry to say I have not actually seen the Wicker Man or I might have liked it even more, I know there was quite a lot of parody stuff in there that went over my head.

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