Wit Tank (3.5*)

Ian’s review…

Wit Tank are a sketch comedy troupe that Ruth has seen a couple of times before.  They did a fairly good job of entertaining, and I was consistently smiling throughout. There were a couple of really good laughs too.

They seem like nice guys and are fun to watch, but it feels like the insights they build their sketches around are a bit on the superficial side. Much of the material would be really good if your friends came up with it in the pub, but I expect slightly more from my sketch comedy.  I nearly gave this 3*, but I did enjoy it and there were a couple of memorable jokes so they edged the extra half!

Ruth’s review…

Well this is the third year I have been to see WitTank and they’ve upgraded from the Caves to the Pleasance. A good sign. And fair play, they are still young lads and when first we saw them they were a really very reasonable sketch group. I see myself as a fair judge of up-and-coming comedy and I’ve had my eye on them. Certainly they were a cut above the other stuff at their venue, which was impressive given their tender ages, and it felt like they were almost there. Problem is, still feels like they are almost there. Their stuff is amusing, I was certainly happy to watch it, but I was hoping they would step it up a notch.

One thought on “Wit Tank (3.5*)

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