Richard Herring: Talking C*ck (4.5*)

Ian’s review…

Richard Herring was one of the first acts I saw at the Fringe, in a show with Stewart Lee called “Fist of Fun” back in 1994.  I’ve seen quite a number of his shows since and most of them have been really very good – especially Hitler Moustache!

Talking C*ck made the papers months in advance of the Fringe as the title was censored for both the Fringe guide and the posters.  I’m not really sure that was necessary, but I’m going with the censored version here too, to avoid falling foul of web filters!

The show was really, really good.  I laughed a lot, and it was really quite insightful at times!  I’ll not spoil it for anyone thinking of going by saying too much, but I would highly recommend it.  Same score as DeAnne Smith, but she still has the top spot this year so far!

As usual, we were given a free programme but unfortunately there was no-one there to accept a donation to Scope when we came out – he usually raises a lot of money this way. Fortunately there is a JustGiving page listed in the programme, so I donated online when I got home (but I’m still stuck with all those coppers…).

Ruth’s review…

Ah Richard Herring, consistently one of my favourite acts. This year’s show was called Talking c*ck and it was all about willies. He’s written a book about it actually, which I have read. Because of my interest in Richard Herring rather than my interest in willies. Anyway, as always this was a very slick performance with some intelligent humour (even given the subject matter). Also nice use of questionnaire-based humour, always a favourite with me. I probably preferred last year’s show (about love) but this was certainly good too.

2 thoughts on “Richard Herring: Talking C*ck (4.5*)

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