The Noise Next Door: Bring The Noise (4*)

Ian’s review…

We love these guys, and have seen them do their Improv show at least the last two years.

The underlying structure of the show this year was perhaps slightly more obvious than in previous years, but their execution is just superb.  Clever conceptually, linguistically and physically, they kept me laughing for the hour without any difficulty at all.  I’d consider going back to see the show again as it is so heavily based on audience suggestions it would be very interesting to see just how different it was.

They also seem like genuinely nice guys, and to enjoy themselves on stage, which helps to build a great atmosphere and rapport with the audience.

I’ve said before we’re tough scorers – for me 4* is “very highly recommended”.  Definitely a great way of spending an hour of Fringe-time!

Ruth’s review…

This is our third year for the Noise Next Door and they have gone up in the world a little from a portacabin to a proper inside room. These guys do improv, and they do it very well. I can’t imagine a slicker improv show and it was very very funny. You can tell it is a formula though, you know which bits are standard and which are bespoke. I’m torn between appreciating the effort and wishing for a bit more spontaneity. Lots of laughing though. On the night we went they did a little 50 Shades of Grey bit, which was very good.


3 thoughts on “The Noise Next Door: Bring The Noise (4*)

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