Pleasance Press Launch

Ian’s review…

This morning we went to the Pleasance Press Launch – an early start after Late’n’Live but it was worth getting up early for…

Rhys Derby was the Compere and did a pretty good job.  I’m considering going to see his own show.

Horrible Histories was aimed at children, so not really my thing.

Adam Kay was very entertaining with his witty takes on pop songs – another one I’d probably go and see but might not since Ruth has already been…

The Two Worlds of Charlie F is a play by injured service-people about their experiences.  It looks very much worth seeing and fairly intense – I’ll almost certainly go to this…

The Brothers Othello have a modern musical/rap take on the Shakespaere classic – I really enjoyed what I heard so I will probably try to go and see this.

The Boy with Tape on His Face finished the show and was excellent.  I’ve seen him once before in a compilation show and he was great there too.  I really enjoy his work, but I’ve never quite got round to seeing him and I’m not sure this year will be any different…

A great morning, with free beer and lunch afterwards.  Thanks Pleasance!

Ruth’s review…

I first got to go to the Pleasance press launch about seven years ago when I worked in the arts, and somehow or other we’ve got ourselves in every year since then. It is a good opportunity to see a compilation show of whatever the Pleasance venue think are their best acts.Adam Kay was on, we enjoyed his show the other day. The Brothers’ Othello (hip hop Shakespeare) looked good, we might check that one out. Well worth getting up before 10am for.

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