Pat Burtscher’s Patopotamoose (1.5*)

Ian’s review…

We have a tradition of going for a beer or two in Pleasance Courtyard on the first night it opens, and quite often there are complimentary tickets on the go to get audiences in to the previews.

My first show of Fringe 2012, thanks to complimentary tickets, was Pat Burtscher’s Patopotamoose.  There were a couple of laughs in there, but even accounting for the fact we saw a preview the performance lacked charisma and I didn’t get the sense of a lot of potential in the material.

Ruth and I score Fringe shows on a 5* scale and we’re hard markers.  For me this is a 1.5* show – a few laughs and the fact it wasn’t offensive pull it above “dreadful” (1*) but it was uncomfortable at times – I felt a bit bad for Pat.

Much as it wasn’t a great start, I love going to see completely random shows with no expectations for whether it will be wonderful or brilliant!

Ruth’s review…

This guy was confused. I’m not sure whether it was part of his act or not. He said he was jetlagged and his ramblings were a little incoherent. He did a lot of chat with the audience and he said he didn’t do much of his prepared material. It’s a shame because one or two of his sections were quite good, so if he was on better form he might have been alright. He also has a full size moose outfit.

One thought on “Pat Burtscher’s Patopotamoose (1.5*)

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