Hannibal Buress: Still Saying Stuff (3* / 3.5*)

Ian’s 3* review…

We first saw Hannibal Buress at the Pleasance Press Launch last year, but didn’t see his full show, so we thought we’d check him out this year.

I really like his laid back, storytelling style and the show was fairly consistently amusing if not laugh-out-loud funny too often.  Perhaps the material was stretched just a tiny bit thin for the length of the show.  Worth seeing, but didn’t quite live up to the expectations we had from the brief set we saw last year.

Ruth’s 3.5* review…

We saw Hannibal at the Pleasance Press Launch last year, and liked him. He was also award nominated last year. So this was one we actually paid for. He was pretty good, he’s a likeable guy and he had a nice set. Saying that, I can’t recall anything memorable to tell you about his act, or maybe later occurrences have led me to block it out (watch this space)…

2 thoughts on “Hannibal Buress: Still Saying Stuff (3* / 3.5*)

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