Gemma Arrowsmith: Defender of the Earth (4*)

Ian’s review…

The only Free Fringe event we went to was excellent.  She has a very gentle style of humerous sketches, with the occasional sci-fi reference!  It’s clever, witty humour and charmingly presented.  Highly recommended!

Ruth’s review…

I’ve been to see Gemma Arrowsmith during two previous Fringes when she was part of a duo with Steve Mould. So this year we checked out her solo show. It was part of the Free Fringe which is usually an indicator of the quality you will get, but this was excellent. Gemma performed a selection of sketches which together formed a story about a day in the life of a girl that saved the world. As well as being delightfully geeky, it was also very well performed with Gemma playing a number of characters (sometimes in the same sketch) and pulling off many many accents. Lovely stuff, very likeable, highly recommend.


One thought on “Gemma Arrowsmith: Defender of the Earth (4*)

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